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Abby’s Chronicles

Chapter Four: a Conversation

by Tanner Garren/Layout & Design

     Though scared, Abby stood her ground ready to face the two figures. The strangers looked harshly at her.

     “You travel quite fast, don’t you?” Abby remained silent, but the twenty-something with dark hair spoke up.

     “You know this person, Uncle Alan?”

     “She was on the train, seemed to be confused as to where she was?” said Uncle Alan, the mysterious figure from the train. The young man looked pleased.

     “I see. Tell me, Abby, are you lost?”

     Abby’s eyes widened in astonishment and fear. How could this person know her name? Abby just nodded. The slick-haired, sharp-dressed man gave her a devilish grin and walked over behind the desk, opening the curtains to a vast grey wasteland with nothing in sight but a grey brick building and grey desert beyond the horizon.

     “No need to be troubled then, I shall tell you where you are.”

     “Topsham.” Abby finally spoke.

     The well-tailored young man turned and looked directly at Uncle Alan.

     “She does travel fast,” he said flashing his grin once again. “Yes, Abby. Topsham. My father, Alan’s brother, used to be mayor, just like my grandfather, Alan’s father before him, had done. Bright colors, crops, animals…well, alive ones anyway…and magic.”

     Abby grew uncomfortable at this statement but did not understand why.

     “How did you know my name?” she asked hesitantly.

     “I guessed it, thank you for assuring me I was right. As I was saying; my father used to be mayor, but unlike his father, he ruled more with an iron fist…too bad it wasn’t strong enough. He started growing soft, talking about how his father was right about keeping the magic. Before he died he told me one day someone would come to bring more magic than Topsham had ever seen.” He was staring directly at Abby, and it made Abby grow incredibly frightened.

     “You said he died, but someone just told me to find him. When did he die?” she asked. The young man remained silent for a bit, and then spoke.

     “Forty minutes ago…isn’t that right Uncle Alan?” Before she could get up and run Abby was knocked unconscious.

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