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Athletes after retirement

Athletes moving on after retirement

by Brice Simmons/Campus & Features

What do athletes do after retirement? Do they just live off of the money made while playing their game, or can they become more than just an athlete? The athlete is not just an oblivious individual that can only play a sport and has no future afterward; they go on to do other things.

One athlete that many know of for his after-sports career is George Foreman. After retiring from his boxing career, he went on to sell the George Foreman Grill.

Another athlete that moved on after his sports career is Jim Brown. After his football career he went on to be an actor. According to the website Brown was the first African American action star appearing in “The Dirty Dozen” and other movies such as “Three the Hard Way” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” He did not stop there however; he has also written books and has been a paid consultant for the Cleveland Browns since 2008.

One more major athlete that has moved on is none other than the Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson. Once retiring from his wrestling career, he went on to acting. The movie “The Scorpion King” made him the highest paid rookie actor in history according to

These are just three examples of the many athletes that have become successful in another career after retiring from their sport. Maybe it is their name that made them succeed (it definitely helped) or maybe it was their will power. Either way, the world would be very different without many of these athletes moving on after their sports careers.

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