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Convention season

A weekend away from the real world

by Frances Hebron/Staff Writer
Shelby Mitchell/News & Opinion

F: Whether it is comic books, anime, television, video games, or a wide array of other items found in the entertainment business, there is sure to be a convention for it. This spring kicks off the 2014 convention season, with different cities hosting a wide variety of conventions that will play host to various artists, voice actors, celebrities and writers. Along with a many guests, each convention also features vendors, panels on subjects based on the convention’s theme or popular events, musical guests and photo ops with the different celebrities that attend.

Not only are conventions a great opportunity to meet celebrities and purchase one of a kind art, they are also a wonderful opportunity to make friends. So many of the people to attend share similar interests, so finding someone to chat with or exchange numbers is as simple as walking into the convention center.

From the January 2014 Anime-ZAP! Convention in Peoria. Photo from Shelby Mitchell

From the January 2014 Anime-ZAP! Convention in Peoria. Photo from Shelby Mitchell

Many people who attend conventions also participate in cosplay, which is dressing up as a character from a movie, book, video game, comic book, television series – anything with something worth dressing up as. There are many online stores where one can purchase their costume, but many people choose to design and create their own costumes. If the convention includes a cosplay competition, those who do make their own costumes have a chance to participate and show off their skills.

Some of the most well-known conventions include San Diego Comic Con, a comic book convention which will be taking place Jul. 24-27, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), a video game convention that is being held in Boston, Apr. 11-13, and Gen Con, a video game convention held in Indianapolis Indian, occurring Aug. 14-17.

S: Conventions, however big or small, are a near guaranteed way of walking away with new friends and great stories to tell. They are also make for a vacation – convention-goers do not have to worry about spending time bored and alone, because others with their interests are so easy to spot. It is a simple escape from daily routines and faces – a sure-fire way to spend a couple days away from the world, enjoying the things they love.

Some more local conventions upcoming within the next couple of months include Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con starting Apr 4, Kappa Con in Milwaukee, on Apr. 5, Shinboku Con in Huron, Ohio starting Apr. 10, Anime St. Louis in Collinsville, Ill. starting Apr. 11, Anime Central in Rosemont, Ill. starting May 16 and Colossalcon in Sandusky, Ohio, starting Jun. 5.

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