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Spring sports of Lake Land

Intramural sports and international athletes

by Tori Daniels & Dakota Pruemer/Staff Writers

The Lake Land College Baseball Team at their Thursday, March 20 game.

The Lake Land College Baseball Team at their Thursday, March 20 game. Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

The fall is that time of year that everyone thinks about when they consider sports. Volleyball and basketball are both very popular on campus, but what else is there to do during the spring? The college has both softball and baseball on campus, but there are also a number of intramural sports, also known as recreational sports, at Lake Land College. Intramural sports available at LLC are softball, golf, basketball, volleyball and bowling. If interested, people are encouraged to call the Field House at (217)-234-533.  At the beginning of the semester Lake Land College also makes sure to offer sports classes, so be sure to look for those in the future. Instead of playing sports a student may prefer to just watch a game now and then; if this is the case a Lake Land student can attend any sports event for free. The exception to this being with games in the Field House, where they have to show their student ID to get in for free.

The spring semester may seem boring for sports at first glance, but when given a second look, the sports are really just getting into full swing. There are so many options for the average Lake Land college student, whether they want to play sports, watch sports or meet people of different nations from around the world.

Even though Lake Land may seem like it is in the middle of a field, which it kind of is, it also has students from all parts of the globe who star on the men’s basketball team and baseball team, and students on the women’s volleyball team. Lake Land has a number of student sports members who are from all over the world: the baseball team has six international students: three from Venezuela, two from Canada, and one from Australia. The basketball team has two international players: one from England and one from Canada. The volleyball team has two Brazilian players and one player from Serbia.

Lake Land sports leaves students with a lot of options for the rest of their spring semester, whether it is watching or partaking in sports.

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