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Christopher Walk

New student trustee

by Gretchen Neal/Editor-in-Chief

Christopher Walk is an agriculture-transfer student from Neoga. He was raised on a livestock farm that he plans to return to after attending the University of Illinois for agriculture accounting. He plans on working with swine and the trucking company that works with his farm. If his name seems familiar, that is because he was running for Student Trustee of Lake Land College – and he won.

The Student Trustee is the title given to the liaison between students and an individual school’s board. The trustee will communicate with the students and then report to the school board what concerns the students are having. Walk is involved with both Lake Land College’s Student Government Association (SGA) and Illinois’ community colleges at a state level. His involvement with these groups helps him so that he can attend to the needs and concerns of the students and communicate them to boards so that those issues can be resolved.

Photo taken by Elizabeth Schaub

Photo taken by Elizabeth Schaub

Walk was very happy to hear the news of his win, but he went straight into work, and says that he plans on getting Lake Land more internships. He states that funding is a problem on the state level but that his main concern for Lake Land College students is ensuring that they are all offered the same internship opportunities that can often be found in the agriculture program. The agriculture program currently has plenty of internship opportunities, but he feels that the other programs offered by Lake Land College are robbed of this benefit. He plans to work with the Mattoon area’s businesses on these potential internships, so that Lake Land College graduates can be better prepared for the workforce by the time of their graduation and can easily be hired.

When it comes down to it, Walk really has the students of LLC’s interests in mind. He hopes that by the time he leaves Lake Land, he will have secured some internships for the betterment of his classmates.

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