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Intersession and summer classes

Classes should be taken…seriously

by Beth Koehler/Copy Editor 

Pictured is Welding major, Kennie Tuttle. Tuttle is taking classes this summer term at Lake Land.  Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

Pictured is Welding major, Kennie Tuttle. Tuttle is taking classes this summer term at Lake Land.
Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

In general, people dread the idea of taking classes during the summer months. After all, summer is supposed to be a school-wide break, right? Maybe in middle school, but as an adult, time is limited and getting all the classes needed or wanted can be incredibly difficult. This is where summer and intersession classes come in.

Summer classes are exactly what they sound like- the same classes students can take during the spring and fall semesters, only during the summer. They tend to have a somewhat faster pace than a class during a “regular” semester, but it covers the same material. While summer classes may not contain every class, it always has general education classes and a decent variety of common classes, practically guaranteeing that there will be something relevant to ones education for students to take. In fact, there are some classes that can only be taken during the summer months (usually extensions or advanced versions of spring classes). Getting into these classes tends to be relatively easy, as summer classes fill much slower than regular classes.

Fewer people have heard about intersession classes, which are classes that take place in between “actual” semesters. These classes last for a period of two weeks, with the upcoming semester starting on May 20 and ending on Jun 5. As such, these classes tend to be incredibly intense, and are usually frequented by people who are one class shy of graduation. There are no classes on Fridays, and students taking intersession classes must pay for the classes themselves, as financial aid is not processed during that time. They are likely the most intense classes one can possibly take at Lake Land. Nevertheless, for students who are in a hurry, intersession classes are the fastest way to get credit for a class. So keep them in mind as a possible option for college careers.

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