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A New Hope for summer fun and adventure

by Tanner Garren/Layout & Design Editor

Near the briny shores of Lake Mattoon along 40 acres lies Camp New Hope.  While certain events such as holiday parties and bowling leagues are held by the camp throughout the year, summer is Camp New Hopes ideal time for fun. The camp offers all sorts of activities such as fishing and paddle boats for Lake Mattoon, swimming, mini golf and asphalt trails for hikes. The full week summer camp program, however, is what Camp New Hope has the most fun with. Different themed camp weeks are offered through June and July with special activities, guest performances, and lots of recreational fun with art, music and other creative elements to ensure a good time.

 One of the camps special programs offered is respite weekends. Campers from ages eight and up are welcome to a fun and safe environment without respite workers needing to come to their home. Campers are offered a fun weekend of activities, playing, movies and safe lodging in their respite building with happy counselors and an RN to administer medication if needed. These weekends are offered throughout the year. Just because summer is not always around, it does not mean the campers cannot have fun indoors or in the snow.

Employment may be full but volunteers are always welcome. After all, it was volunteerism that made Camp New Hope possible to begin with. Volunteering as a sponsor in their “Have a Heart, Give a Smile” program will give a camper a chance for financial help when to comes to their education. One can also volunteer as a counselor or as a talent. If an individual can play music, dance, paint or do any other kind of creative performance then volunteering to entertain the campers is an option. Volunteer application are available at Camp New Hope’s website:

Do not miss out on an opportunity to help out the community or to provide someone with a meaningful and joyous summer experience that they will remember as a special cornerstone of their youth. Sign up for Camp New Hope today and give the gift of summer fun.

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