The Navigator News

Aaron Novak

aaron web pageBorn on 9 October, 1993,  Aaron James Novak is the Editor-in-Chief of the Navigator News. In the years before the paper business Novak was a decorated fast food attendant at Wendy’s and witnessed the “Grand Theft Black Friday Escapade” during his tour at Famous Footwear. The skills obtained at the previously mentioned jobs give soul and a built up tolerance to customer service to his leadership of the paper.

While at the paper, one can see Novak pacing about the Navigator office mumbling to himself about articles and his service to the Queen of England. If he is not tearing his hair out about something that has happened at work that day or whipping up a triple innuendo he’s happily at play running through the halls of Lake Land College, but for his safety and the safety of people around him, call the authorities if this sight is witnessed.

During his free time, Novak enjoys reading, writing and hanging out with his bird, David Fincher, while watching the entirety of the Star Wars series. Novak is also a sub-accomplished drummer, having performed in a handful of bands in the Chicago Land area. He is currently working on his first novel and hopes to be finished with it by May 2014.

Aaron can be reached at and his office hours are Wednesday 12 -1 PM.
Aaron can also be found on YouTube, his own personal website, and on Twitter.