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Kaitlyn Conrad

kaitlyn 1Hey ya’ll, my name is Kaitlyn Conrad and I am the Photo and Web Editor of the Navigator News. I am currently studying Graphic Design, but my true joy is photography. This past summer, I had the joy of being a camp photographer at a East Bay Camp and I loved working outdoors with the kids and staff while getting to take those moments down in still frames. I also do freelance photography and design every so often throughout the school year. Once I graduate in the spring, I hope to get a full time job while starting to do more photography on the side. My biggest dream is to be a National Geographic photographer, and while I may never get to be one, the dream is definitely a nice thought!

Some people may call me an amateur cat lady but in reality, two cats are enough for me. I’m a thrifting and baking nerd. I live in a small apartment in Charleston and I’m excited to one day see the world. In my spare time, I’m normally reading, enjoying nature, and of course, taking photos.

Kaitlyn can be reached at and her office hours are Mondays 12:30-1:30 PM.

You can also follow Kaitlyn’s tweets about the Blackhawks, life, photography, and just about anything else on her Twitter page.