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Kory Stone

kory1My name is Kory and I am the Business Manager at the Navigator News. I have a lot of interests and try and live a life of passion, curiosity and action. I’m a three time failed entrepreneur, art business, mma gym and a network marketing business. Since then I’ve recollected myself and turned my focus to my writing and am now working on completing my first book “A Journal Into Poverty” in which I spent the 7 months living in shelters within Illinois and Indiana writing of the experience, facts, statistics and other people’s stories. Most of my success has come from personal development and unconventional training and schooling but now I’m back in school, majoring in psychology and minoring in entrepreneurship. These both are areas of interest in and of themselves but also interconnect very closely with several other areas of passionate interests.

My goal is to get a Phd and use my degree to write, consult and speak on various issues and also to start businesses with a focus on community improvement. I’m a humanist or activist who focuses on making the world a better place. I love to travel, go on adventures am looking to do some serious world traveling/backpacking in the future. Though after reading this you may think I’m supper extroverted I’m actually quite introverted and love down time with close family and friends.

Kory can be reached at and his office hours are Monday 9-10 AM.

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