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National Poetry Writing Month

Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

April is National Poetry Month. This fact can make writers either quiver their quills in excitement or hide in a corner and cry over the anxiety. In any case, this month is a great way to get creative juices going in just about anyone. Poetry has been around for quite a long time; many scholars believe that poetry predates literacy. It is believed that some of the earliest poetry was orally recited or sung and it would have been needed to be memorized. “Epic of Gilgamesh,” the Ancient Sumerian poem, is one of the…(Read More)


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson has got a new movie out

309edf37abe7e2314d3c57ebee14dbb7Every year when films are released, some are left out of local movie theaters to make room for movies that attract larger audiences, such as next Fast and the Furious or the next fart joke filled animation. Other movies that some would consider too odd, boring or confusing are left to smaller theaters in larger cities and are therefore hard to find. While this is depressing news, the hunt could be for the better because one may just find a diamond in the rough. Out of the films that have appeared on the 2014 box office so far, one stands out among the movies that are released nationwide but can only be seen in wider communities.  Luckily, if driving is not a bother, this film can be found at the Art Theater in Champaign. Movie fanatics, make a road trip by going to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel”…(Read More)


Foster the People’s new album


supermodelThe band that brought us “Pumped Up Kicks” is back with more, their sophomore album released on Mar 14. They returned with some of the old and definitely some new thrown in. The familiar high voice finds some low notes, and the beats found some diverse new inspiration…(Read More)


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