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Area Events

ebertfestApril is hopping right into this spring season. East Central Illinois has some events to keep you on your toes. So get out the calendar and start marking away!…(Read More)


Amphibians in decline

frogFor years, the animal kingdom has been threatened by multiple perils, from pollution to disease to habitat destruction. Now more than ever, a key portion of Kingdom Animalia (the taxonomic ranking, not an actual empire of animals) is facing difficulties: the amphibians. The frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians – wormlike creatures exclusively in South America – are all in decline throughout the world, even in our own backyards of Illinois. Lucinda Horton, Lake Land College’s resident zoologist, further emphasizes by pointing out that…(Read More)


Convention season

consWhether it is comic books, anime, television, video games, or a wide array of other items found in the entertainment business, there is sure to be a convention for it. This spring kicks off the 2014 convention season, with different cities hosting a wide variety of conventions that will play host to various artists, voice actors, celebrities and writers. Along with a many guests, each convention also features vendors, panels on subjects based on the convention’s theme or popular events, musical guests and photo ops with the different celebrities that attend…(Read More)


New gadgets

New gadgets are being invented all the time. The world of electronics is literally and figuratively booming in today’s society. With all the new technology today, what is the most practical for the consumer’s use? With all the newest little gadgets, the neatest gadget is Intel’s personal assistant. The only problem being that it is made for enterprises, not consumers, and according to Intel, it helps keep track of employees along with the cool personal assistant features…(Read More)


Tennessee sex offenders

Driver’s licenses to be labeled in red

Current example of a Tennessee driver's license. License example from TN.GOV/STATE OF TENNESSEE

Sex offenders will have no place to hide in Tennessee anymore if a new bill passes. This bill states that there is a new spot on the driving license card dedicated to registered sex offenders. If this bill passes any place where an individual has to show his or her license, those inside the places will know whether or not the individual is a sex offender….(Read More)


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