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Lake Land spring sports

eIMG_2587The fall is that time of year that everyone thinks about when they consider sports. Volleyball and basketball are both very popular on campus, but what else is there to do during the spring? The college has both softball and baseball on campus, but there are also a number of intramural sports, also known as recreational sports, at Lake Land College. Intramural sports available at LLC are softball, golf, basketball, volleyball and bowling. If interested, people are encouraged to call the Field House at (217)-234-533.  At the beginning of the semester Lake Land College also makes sure to offer sports classes, so be sure to look for those in the future. Instead of playing sports a student may prefer to just watch a game now and then; if this is the case a Lake Land student can attend any sports event for free. The exception to this being with games in the Field House, where they have to show their student ID to get in for free…(Read More)


Doing yoga

Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

Many college students have been exposed to the westernized form of yoga. Yoga is used in western societies as an exercise or sport – a way to become more flexible, calm or fit. Most people at least have an inkling of the Hindu origin of yoga, but chances are even those people might appreciate some clarification. According to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), the practice of yoga dates all the way back to more than…(Read More)


Adrenaline junkies can soon get their fix

bungeeWhile Lake Land College offers many exciting activities and athletic sports, not many of them get the blood pumping quite as fast as say, jumping from an airplane or being tossed around in a raft by a river that refuses to be tamed. For people who are not satisfied jogging on a marked path, thrill seeking can be a great way to get or stay active while doing something new and exciting that provides an adrenaline rush…(Read More)


Athletes after retirement

What do athletes do after retirement? Do they just live off of the money made while playing their game, or can they become more than just an athlete? The athlete is not just an oblivious individual that can only play a sport and has no future afterward; they go on to do other things. One athlete that many know of for his after-sports career is George Foreman. After retiring from his boxing career, he went on to sell the George Foreman Grill….(Read More)


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