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Save the Will Rogers

DSC_3887On 705 Monroe Ave. in Charleston stands the Will Rogers Theatre. Some of those from the area may remember when the theatre still played movies and some of those from the older generation may even remember when the Will Rogers was a popular place to go. In recent days, the theatre may not be in current service to the public, but plans are underway to restore it to its original grandeur…(Read More)


Camp New Hope

Near the briny shores of Lake Mattoon along 40 acres lies Camp New Hope.  While certain events such as holiday parties and bowling leagues are held by the camp throughout the year, summer is Camp New Hopes ideal time for fun. The camp offers all sorts of activities such as fishing and paddle boats for Lake Mattoon, swimming, mini golf and asphalt trails for hikes. The full week summer camp program, however, is what Camp New Hope has the most fun with. Different themed camp weeks are offered through June and July with special activities, guest performances, and lots of recreational fun with art, music and other creative elements to ensure a good time…(Read More)


Summer road trips


When looking for something to do over the summer that is entertaining and new, look no further than a vehicle. There is nothing better than getting in a car with a few friends or family members and going on a road trip. Luckily, there are some interesting local places around to visit on these road trips. The University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana is home of the Spurlock Museum. The Spurlock Museum features exhibits from the following places…(Read More)


Relay for Life


The majority of individuals have been affected by cancer in some form or another, whether an individual has this disease, or a friend/family member did have. There are many organizations out there that help raise awareness of this disease, some raise money to support research in finding a cure for cancer, and others still help support the victims of this disease. Relay for Life is one of these organizations…(Read More)


The economics of couponing

Photo by Kory Stone

The popular phrase “makin’ that paper” is one used to describe earning income. Though today many people are also “cuttin’ that paper” to supplement “makin’” it.  Couponing has taken quite the rise since both the 2008 economic recession and the 2010 TLC show “Extreme Couponing” aired. It has even gotten to the point where the show was blamed for the rise in newspaper thefts. According to Lisa Reynolds, RedPlum’s Mom Saver-in-chief, “Today’s savers are relying on behaviors learned during recessionary times that have become a part of everyday life.” There was even a survey conducted…(Read More)


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